Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff will guide you through the process
and explain the technology that makes this all possible.

Let us show you what great service, expert techs and friendly sales staff can do for you.
Easy solar solutions. Great rebates and incentives are still available and the cost of solar is at an all-time low. All your solar needs are met in-house, we do not outsource or sub-contract our solar installation.

We will design, install and service your solar equipment.


We design systems with a variation of equipment to meet our customer’s needs and budget. Our design team uses the latest technology to provide you with a simple, and ultra-accurate energy production report.

Your plans will be designed using the latest engineering and design tools to maximize your investment.

All plans will be created to meet the guidelines and regulations set forth by government, utility and when necessary HOAs.

Roof mount, ground mount (flat or hillside), or carport/patio applications. All support structure is eligible for 100% solar financing.

Equipment Available

We use all major brands of equipment. Using some of the most highly-efficient panels available, we believe in quality. We never use cheap knock-offs or no name equipment. We have the latest technology in roof mounting, solar energy production, battery storage, and energy monitoring. We use the top manufactures and materials to ensure your system is built to last and maximizes energy production.

All equipment is covered by a warranty, please ask about the warranty on your specific equipment.


Our highly qualified installers will install your system according to approved specifications and will exceed electric code standards. We use fully engineered mounting systems guaranteed to outlast all other components of your system. All equipment is brand new and under warranty. All work is guaranteed. We will be courteous, clean, and on-time.


Solar panels and the rest of your solar system may need servicing or cleaning from time to time. Manufacturer’s warranty terms may restrict who may perform serving and maintenance on your equipment to maintain warranty. Be informed and choose wisely.


Changing panels, upgrading an inverter, adding storage batteries, or a back-up energy source. We can take a look and changing needs and see if a cost effective solution is available.

Tax Credit / Incentives

Incentives are still around!! The federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is currently 30% of your project cost. Beginning in 2020, a scheduled decline in the ITC refund amount will run until the program stops in 2022. So time is limited on the full tax credit. Additionally, we will check for all eligible rebates and incentives. Incentives change over jurisdictions, so call us and we can see what’s available in your area.

Financing Available

We can offer full financing from lending partners with loan programs to fit your needs. Good credit is a plus but not required. We utilize solar loans, PACE loans. Some homeowners also pay with their own credit line already available to them. We can help!